Virginia Wineries

More than 500,000 people visit Virginia wineries each year. To understand why, visit the wineries near Orange, Virginia! As part of the Monticello American Viticultural Area, Orange County, Virginia produces more grapes used for making wine than any other county in Virginia. The Holladay House Bed and Breakfast is in the heart of Virginia wine country.

The primary grapes grown in the Monticello Appellation are Vinifera varieties, although a number of Virginia vineyards also grow native varieties such as the Norton grape. The Norton grape is a true American hybrid grape, introduced commercially by Dr. D.N. Norton of Richmond, Virginia in 1830 (approximately the same time the Holladay House was built!). Several nearby Virginia wineries offer excellent Norton wines, and we recommend trying each one!


Virginia Wine Guides

The Monticello Wine Trail, the Central Virginia Wine TrailOfficial Virginia Wine Lover Magazine, and the Blue Ridge Wineway all provide excellent guides to Virginia wineries in our region. 

Favorite Wineries in Virginia

Here are some of our guests' favorites:

Barboursville Vineyards (13 Miles): Barboursville Vineyards defines the essence of Virginia viticulture. Established by Gianni and Silvana Zonin in 1976, Barboursville is the oldest and most well-known commercial wine producer in Virginia. Their renowned winemaker, Luca Paschina, hails from Piemonte, Italy, where his family has been making wine for generations. Barboursville Vineyards is also the home of Palladio, one of Virginia’s finest Italian restaurants. Additionally, Barboursville is the site of one of the more unusual and fascinating historic homes in Virginia: the Barboursville Ruins.

Early Mountain Vineyards (15 miles): Early Mountain Vineyards sits on land with a deep and rich history. Revolutionary-war veteran Lt. Joseph Early, the first landowner of the property, learned of a stranger traveling through the region in search of shelter and sent word that the stranger was welcome in his home for the night, only to discover it was General George Washington, under whom he had served at Valley Forge. Today, visitors can enjoy the spectacular view and warm and inviting indoor and outdoor spaces of the tasting room. A tasting at Early Mountain Vineyards includes a mix of select Early Mountain wines and a showcase of the Best of Virginia wines - a virtual Virginia wine tour under one roof. Additionally the vineyard offers a range of “eat local” offerings from surrounding farms and is pet-friendly.

Honah Lee Vineyards (7 miles): Currently with 30 acres of vine on 70 acres of land, this tasting room showcases wine from two famous Virginia winemakers.  Grapes from the farm property go straight into the wines that they are tasting: wines from Gabrielle Rausse and Michael Shaps.  Easy to get to from the inn and located in the Berrywood Farm Market where there are light sandwiches, desserts, jams and hot sauce available as well (all made from scratch from berries/produce from their farm)!  Consider our Orange Jam Package with owner Brandy Hopwood and make a "fruitful" half-day of your stop there!

Keswick Vineyards (16 miles): Keswick Vineyards is located at the historic 400-acre Edgewood Estate in Keswick, Virginia. According to their website, “The land was part of the original 1727 Nicholas Meriwether Crown Grant that comprised nearly 18,000 acres on the east side of the Southwest Mountains.” Their tasting room is in a picturesque, park-like setting that promotes a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. Keswick is also a pet-friendly winery, with a nice outdoor area where you can enjoy a glass of wine, and your pet can enjoy the Virginia outdoors.

Chateau MerrillAnne (12 miles): Old farm and barn turned vineyard and winery - and, oh!, they do it so well! Rustic feel with an incredibly friendly atmosphere run by folks who love what they do, you will be surprised at the high quality of wine that comes out of this winery. Known as the picnic winery, they have ample seating for a great picnic lunch while sampling their wines. And they post the most hilarious kitty pictures on their Facebook page. What more can you ask for?

Hammerstone Cellars (10 miles): Brand new vines, brand new tasting room, but consulted by veteran Virginia winemaker, Chris Pearmund. A great opportunity to grow (pun intended) with a Virginia winery from the ground up! The tasting room is already filled with great wine, good live music events and food trucks. With a covered patio built with wood off their acreage, this place is definitely the place to sip and relax.

Five Oaks Vineyard (16 miles): A new winery with old-fashioned wines. With the help of First Colony Winery's winemaker, Five Oaks Vineyard is very focused on the highest quality hybrid grapes.  The owner, Robert, serves up easy to drink wines that match all occasions.  Though Five Oaks offers stunning views and lovely wines, most folks come for the owner: a great personality and chock full of stories that span his Naval and Nuclear Engineering careers!

Horton (12 Miles): In 1988 Dennis Horton acquired 55 acres for vineyards.  By 1993 Horton Cellars was constructed and had their first crush there.  Enjoy reds, whites, fruit and dessert wines at Horton - they are one of the Virginia wineries that offers a native Virginia norton grape wine (Horton Norton.)  With it's castle-esque look and feel, Horton is known for their fun atmosphere and events.

DuCard Vineyards (27 miles): DuCard Vineyards overlooks Shenandoah National Park and is brimming with great wine, great views and a ton of events every weekend! Sip their celebrated wine while enjoying live music, festivals (like their Oyster Fest), and themed events. With vines at least 10 years old, and a new environmentally friendly tasting room, DuCard is a great place to visit for the day (especially after a hike at Old Rag or White Oak Canyon.)

Burnley Vineyards (14 Miles): As a family-owned business, Burnley Vineyards provides its visitors with a rustic and comfortable family atmosphere. One of the most experienced Virginia farm wineries, Burnley is a short country-drive from the Holladay House and Orange, Virginia. In addition to the Burnley Vineyards wines, this Virginia farm winery produces Daniel Cellars wines. Burnley has several creative and unique wines, the likes of which you will not find anywhere else.

Reynard Florence (15 Miles): A newcomer to Virginia wine, but not to Virginia, Reynard Florence is a boutique family farm vineyard. What used  to be their sledding hill and impromptu driving range, can now produce 500 cases of wine. In a few years, as the vines mature, they'll be close to 1,000. With degrees under their belt and help from the reknowned Michael Shaps, this winery is one to watch.

Prince Michel Winery (20 miles): Located northwest of Orange, Prince Michel creates excellent Virginia wines. Producing some of the most widely distributed Virginia wines, Prince Michel produces both the Prince Michel wines and the Rapidan River wines. The atmosphere is friendly, the staff is helpful, and they have a great gift shop.

Old House Vineyards (25 miles): French winemakers Matthieu Finot and Damien Blanchon are creating award-winning wines at this delightful Virginia winery. The tasting room is a restored Victorian farmhouse dating to the 1890s with the property loaded with historic significance. Located in Culpeper, Virginia, Old House Vineyards provides a relaxing and rewarding experience to its patrons.

Gray Ghost Vineyards (40 miles): A family-owned, internationally acclaimed winery in the heart of picturesque Amissville, Virginia. The winery property is located at the very Southern end of what was known as Mosby's Confederacy in the Civil War. John S. Mosby was commissioned by the Confederacy to command a small cavalry unit to provide valuable scouting information to General Lee. Because of Mosby's ability to infiltrate the enemy lines and to capture supplies and prisoners without being detected or suffering any major losses of his own, the Union Army began referring to him as the "Gray Ghost". Naming the winery and vineyards Gray Ghost is their way of recognizing Mosby's contribution to history. Today, the winery boasts award winning wines, exceptional events and the most fantastic 60K Christmastime cork display!

Narmada Winery (40 miles): Narmada Winery was established in 2009 intially as a vineyard, but owner Sudha Patil quickly employed her Chemistry degree, her familiarity of complex spicies and consultant Jim Law (Linden Vineyards) to create a suite of award-winning wines. A visit here will be well-rewarded.

Pearmund Cellars (49 miles): Chris Pearmund is one of Virginia’s most widely recognized and well respected winegrowers and winemakers. As one of the key "idea guys" of the Virginia Wine industry, Chris Pearmund promotes awareness and respect for Virginia wine through a passion for developing regional identity. The winery follows suit: the staff takes the time to answer all your questions about Virginia wine, from terroir to legislation. The tasting room is airy, casual, fun and pet-friendly!

Barrel Oak Winery (60 miles): Barrel Oak Winery (BOW), is truly a bow-WOW! experience. A friendlier, more community-minded winery you will not visit in Virginia. And the wines are stellar examples of what can be done with grape varietals that love Virginia. Known for the great view, their excessively dog-friendly atmosphere and their small-lot experimental varietals. All of their experience and knowledge is accessible and casually presented to create a tasting atmosphere that will make you want to return.