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Orange County, Virginia was one of the first counties to truly pierce the American frontier. In 1714, Governor Alexander Spotswood founded a colony of German settlers, called Germanna, in the frontier lands of what is now eastern Orange County. Germanna was the first German settlement in the New World, and many, many families of German descent can trace their lineage back to this fortified frontier settlement. In 1734, Virginia officially created Orange County from its predecessor, Spotsylvania County. Its original administrative boundaries included what is now West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, making Orange County, Virginia one of the largest counties to ever have existed in America! For these reasons, literally millions of Americans can trace their family histories back to Orange County, Virginia.

In addition, few counties can claim to have been the epicenter of such monumental events as the creation of the U.S. Constitution, the settlement of the American west, railroad history, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and more. Consequently, Orange County records are indispensable to both genealogists and professional historians. As an historian and archaeologist, Sam has spent many hours in local archives researching a number of historical topics, and the Holladay House has hosted a number of professional historians and amateur researchers who have done the same.

Come to Orange to discover your own family history, or to research important historical subjects!


The Holladay House has created a special genealogy travel package to assist you in your pursuits. We are ideally located in the Town of Orange, only one block away from the Orange County Historical Society and the Orange County Courthouse, the two primary records repositories in Orange County.

This package includes:

Hint: Arrange a professional guide from AudibertTours to provide tours of local historic sites, the Germanna Visitor's Center and Library, cemeteries, churches, or properties.  Call your innkeeper for details.


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